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Chios is an island worth visiting, exploring and revisiting!
The fifth largest island in Greece is a special island with so many things that only there you can see. Consider that only in Chios can the famous mastic be produced!
Monuments, attractions, natural scenery, gastronomy and so many beautiful beaches. The only sure thing is that you will enjoy your holidays.
The area of Kallimasia located in Skinari, with the beach of Agia Fotini or Agia Fotia and the quiet beach of Monolia, at a distance of 12 km from the city and the port of Chios and 10 km from the airport, is almost in the middle of the east coast of the island and is an ideal starting point for exploring the island.
  • pointer icon   Mastic Museum (Pyrgi)
  • pointer icon   Mavra Volia
  • pointer icon   Mesta
  • pointer icon   Agia Dynami
  • pointer icon   Plain of Chios
  • pointer icon   Nea Moni
  • pointer icon   Anavatos
  • pointer icon   Volissos
The Island of Chios
Chios belongs to the islands of the Northeastern Aegean and is the 5th largest island of Greece. The Mastic Island is an unexplored paradise where the natural beauty, residents, culture, history and gastronomy enchant its visitors.
How to get there
Chios is easily accessible either by air from Athens international airport or other international airports (and by charter flights) or by ferries from the port of Piraeus (Athens).
navy By Boat
From Piraeus Port
There is frequent daily connection with the port of Piraeus. The journey takes 7 hours and 45 minutes to 9 hours and 45 minutes with regular ferries, depending on the season and the shipping company.
Blue Star Ferries:
Hellenic Sea Ways:
From other Ports
You can reach Chios directly from other islands (Samos, Ikaria, Mykonos, Syros and Lemnos) or other countries (such Turkey from Cesme).
navy By Boat
From Τhessaloniki / Kavala Port
There is daily connection with the port of Thessaloniki and the port of Kavala. The journey takes 14 hours with regular ferries, depending on the season and the shipping company:
Golden Star Ferries:
Fast Ferries:
plane By Air
There are daily flights from Athens International Airport by many airline companies. The flight takes 40 minutes. From Thessaloniki Airport the flight takes 60 minutes. There are also flights from other Greek cities and abroad.
Aegean Airlines:
Olympic Air:
Sky express:
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